Chantal F. Edde

With a Ph.D. in cell and molecular biology and practical experience in conducting patentability evaluations for a major university’s technology transfer office, Chantal Francis Edde uses her scientific and business knowledge to help clients protect the intellectual property that results from the advancement of their scientific research into applicable technology.

Chantal’s past work as a transfer technology fellow included performing invention assessments and marketing for a variety of inventions in the life sciences and medical fields. She also was a consultant for a biotech group, where she performed market analyses and recommended new strategies to better enable clients to attract investors and collaborators within the pharmaceutical industry. This work included helping define the IP landscape for projects.

Before working as a patent agent, Chantal was a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Pennsylvania, where she expanded her scientific knowledge by using single-cell genomic technologies to investigate single-cell RNA variability and its implication for age-related diseases. Her doctoral studies focused on the evolution of molecular function in mammalian neurons. Her scientific background also includes studies in neuroscience, genomics, molecular biology and computational biology.

Chantal is fluent in French and Arabic and can communicate in Spanish.



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