Howard B. Miller

Howard Miller is a seasoned business lawyer who represents single-owner businesses and large family-owned and public companies in a variety of manufacturing fields such as flooring, electronics and medical devices; automobile dealers; heating oil, food and beverage distributors; health spas and restaurants, and retail entities. Over the years, Howard’s clients have included a printed circuit manufacturing company with four plants in three states and 1,200 employees; a North American flooring manufacturer with five plants in four states and 2,400 employees and a department store chain with 11 locations. 

Howard’s prior service with the Internal Revenue Service, his Master's in Taxation from Georgetown University and his recognition as a Certified Public Accountant give him a savvy understanding of trust and estate planning and have enabled him to counsel individuals in tax planning, estate planning, wills and trusts and charitable contributions. He has helped clients to preserve and pass along their wealth while minimizing income and estate taxes using various types of trusts. 


  • Counsels majority stockholders on general family business matters and succession planning for both the ownership and management groups;
  • Defends majority owners of businesses in disputes with minority owners;
  • Counsels minority shareholders, limited partners, and limited liability members, on relationships with majority owners;
  • Assists family-owned businesses in hiring professional managers to operate family-owned businesses; and,
  • Represents clients in buying and selling businesses, ranging from $50,000 to $150 million.

In addition, Howard counsels individuals who are ready to sell their businesses and need to maximize proceeds for retirement purposes. He has created joint ventures between companies in the United States and joint ventures between U.S. companies and foreign businesses, whereby one of the businesses have supplied products, know-how, and equipment to the other. He also has a keen understanding of confidentiality agreements, covenants not to compete, restrictive stock agreements and consulting agreements.   Howard also advises clients on antitrust law. He recently led a client through a major mediation to resolve patent litigation, and assisted in bringing two major competitors together to create a joint manufacturing operation that would benefit both competitors.


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