Jeffrey B. Shapiro

Jeffrey B. Shapiro represents clients nationwide in sophisticated litigation matters. He has served as lead counsel in handling trials and arbitrations involving medical devices and drugs, products liability and matters involving fire and chemical litigation. He has extensive experience in commercial litigation on behalf of major domestic and foreign companies, medical malpractice defense, as well as lawyer professional liability. During the past several years, in connection with the representation of his clients, Jeffrey has appeared in various state and federal courts and been involved both regionally and nationally in multi-district litigation and “global settlement strategies.”

Prior to entering private practice, Jeffrey worked from 1976 to 1979 as an assistant district attorney in New York, serving as the lead attorney in numerous felony trials involving crimes ranging from white collar to acts of violence. He has spoken and written on a variety of topics, including the best method to approach “repetitive” litigation involving the same product, both in the context of multiple state lawsuits and class actions, CAFA 2005, spoliation of evidence and federal preemption.


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