Michael G. Manas

With a Ph.D. in chemistry, including experience in both organic and inorganic chemistry, and practical experience working in research laboratories, including a biotech startup company, Michael Manas draws on his scientific knowledge to protect intellectual property for clients who aim to move their scientific research into the commercial market.

Michael’s work includes patent preparation and prosecution, and support with the preparation of legal opinions related to patentability, freedom to operate, invalidity, and infringement. In handling this work, he draws on his past doctoral experience where he established an industry collaboration leading to work with a biofuels company, as well as time spent as a post-doctoral research assistant at the University of Pennsylvania. He also worked in a U.S. Defense Department lab as an undergraduate research assistant and was a consulting chemist employed by a biotech startup, where he worked in close collaboration with a team of  biologists and engineers in their development of pathogen detection systems for food microbiology researchers and food manufacturers.  



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