Neetu Singh

With a Ph.D. in biology and practical experience in evaluating the patentability of inventions for the biotechnology and molecular biology industries, Neetu Singh brings a deep understanding of both science and business to her work helping protect the intellectual property of clients who want to advance the results of their scientific research into marketable products.

Neetu has experience in drafting and prosecuting patent applications in a wide range of technical areas including: food science; oligonucleotide compositions and uses; RNA therapeutics; crystallization and solubility; microarray; sequencing; vaccines; peptide therapeutics; stem cell therapy; cell growth, differentiation, and culture systems; oncology; immunology; and cancer immunotherapy. She also conducts patentability, freedom to operate, and due diligence searches and related analyses; assesses technical disclosures; and assists in evaluating licensing agreements.

While a postdoctoral research fellow, Neetu worked in the Office of Technology Development for a major university, where she evaluated inventions for their commercial merits, technical strength and patentability. Her postdoctoral fellowship included work in a medical school setting in a molecular oncology laboratory where her research was focused on epigenetics, cell cycle, transcription, and bioinformatics. Her research included classifying E2F-mediated gene expression profiles induced by gene aberrations or small molecule compounds, investigating enhancement of the E2F-mediated apoptotic program and studying proliferation-promoting activities of retinoblastoma protein (pRB). Neetu’s doctoral studies focused on the fields of epigenetics, development, behavior, neurogenesis, and synaptic plasticity as related to human disease. ​



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