Pamela S. Goodwin

Pamela Goodwin represents clients in the solid waste, energy, oil and gas, agriculture and many other industries in matters involving environmental permitting, counseling and litigation. Drawing on more than 30 years of experience, Pamela assists with acquisition, development and siting of landfills, power plants, solar and wind projects from the firm’s offices in Princeton, New Jersey as well as Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. 

Pamela’s understanding of the complexities of securing government approvals is informed by her own current and past connections to government. She is a member of the New Jersey Clean Water Council, which serves as an advisor to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, and was chair in 2012 and 2013 and vice chair from 2008-2011.  Early in her career, Pamela also served as special counsel to the Advisory Committee for Public Participation in Hazardous Waste Management in Pennsylvania, sponsored by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. 

Environmental permitting

Pamela helps companies navigate permitting issues before federal, state and local agencies that review projects for environmental impact on air, water and sensitive lands. This includes permit reviews, hearings and appeals involving the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Departments of Environmental Protection in Pennsylvania and New Jersey as well as the Delaware River Basin Commission. She also has 35 years of experience representing solid and hazardous waste clients on a multitude of issues ranging from regulatory counseling, air, water and solid and hazardous permitting, municipal contracting and bid challenges, Superfund litigation and siting and permitting of new projects.

Select representations include:

  • Two major U.S. pipeline developers in their efforts to obtain air and water permits in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, the Delaware River Basin Commission and the Susquehanna River Basin Commission, as well as defending and prosecuting permit challenges in state and federal court.  
  • Independent energy companies in strategic planning for the development, permitting, and financing of new projects, including natural gas power plants, wind farms and solar project development. Permitting work includes obtaining, air, water and solid waste permits.
  • Major international power company in environmental due diligence and prospective permitting relating to 1) the acquisition and development of a waste-coal fired power plant; and 2) a resource recovery facility. 
  • Hydroelectric company with substantial water related assets before the Delaware River Basin Commission.

Environmental litigation and contract negotiations

Pamela is an experienced litigator who handles matters ranging from two-party contract disputes to complex multiparty actions, including those seeking to identify potential responsible parties in environmental contamination and determining site remediation responsibilities, financial allocation and cost recovery. She is skilled in the art of dispute resolution and prides herself in helping clients reach negotiated settlement of disputed claims. Her problem-solving skills also extend to her work negotiating contracts for clients, particularly in the solid waste and energy industries. 

Select representations include:

Solid and hazardous waste clients in Superfund litigation, mediation, dispute resolution and contracting matters.

  • Solid waste disposal companies in contract negotiations to provide services in counties and cities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. 
  • Energy developers and pipeline companies in third party appeals and enforcement of air, water, solid waste and hazardous waste permits before administrative tribunals as well as state and federal courts.
  • Pipeline companies in litigation involving the interface between the Natural Gas Act, the Clean Water Act and the role of state governments, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the United States Army Corps of Engineers and the United States Fish and Wildlife Service.

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