Robert H. Louis

Bob Louis is a partner in the Estate Planning and Administrations Practice.  He has many years of experience in assisting clients in preserving and passing on wealth and business ownership across the generations.  In this work, he helps clients to develop family business succession plans, often involving benefit planning.  He also assists with estate planning, including the preparation of wills, trusts and other estate planning documents, to further the process of wealth preservation and transfer, and to deal with the varying interests and needs of family members. A significant part of Bob’s practice focuses on retirement plans, executive compensation, employee benefits, and tax and estate planning for those kinds of benefits.  He advises clients on the methods of planning for a happy and rewarding retirement.  Based on more than 40 years of experience with employee benefits and tax planning, Bob is a skilled retirement coach.

Bob enjoys explaining and demystifying these sometimes complex issues. He is the Editor of Personal Wealth Law News, a law blog hosted by the Firm that reviews developments in retirement, estate planning and other wealth-related issues. To read his blog, please click here. Bob also writes articles for the Legal Intelligencer on retirement planning issues.  He is a frequent lecturer and writer on these topics to various groups, and regularly presents at Pennsylvania Bar Institute programs.


  • Helped a family transfer ownership of a business to some members of the next generation, while producing alternate inheritances to other family members.  This included the use of grantor retained annuity trusts and qualified personal residence trusts.
  • Advised another owner who did not wish to transfer ownership to family members to sell his business and then prepared estate planning documents so that the sale proceeds could support the family for several generations.
  • Represented members of a family members in a dispute and litigation involving the mismanagement of an estate and trust, resulting in a favorable settlement after mediation that corrected the errors made in carrying out the older generation’s estate plan.
  • Advised the trustee of a trust supporting one of the largest public art collections in the Philadelphia region on the lending of art and the preservation of the collection.
  • Advised a family business on the adoption of an informal pension arrangement that helped the senior generation of the family to move toward retirement and relinquish control of the business.
  • For several other businesses, prepared qualified retirement plans and obtained IRS approval for them, made necessary amendments as the applicable law changed, and advised on distribution and participation rules.
  • Advised a client on estate and estate and trust planning for valuable works of art, to permit their transfer in a tax-efficient manner.
  • Prepared an estate plan for a family that took into account the care of a special needs child, to work in conjunction with governmental benefits.
  • Worked with a university foundation on the adoption of a tax-sheltered annuity program for its employees.
  • Advised the administrators of the retirement plans of a large governmental employer on maintaining their qualified status under changes to applicable law, and reviewed documents relating to their trust investments.
  • Prepared employee stock ownership plans for large and medium-sized employers to permit employees to share in ownership.
  • Provided a “retirement checkup” to a corporate executive preparing to retire, reviewing his pension benefits, forms of insurance, estate plans and retirement goals.