Stephanie Backovic

With a Ph.D. in neuroscience and practical experience working in university research laboratories, Stephanie Backovic draws on her scientific knowledge to help clients protect the intellectual property covering their inventions. Biotechnology, molecular biology and cell biology are Stephanie’s key areas of focus in drafting patent applications, particularly for life sciences clients. Stephanie’s work includes drafting responses to office actions, assisting with analyses of the patent landscape, assessing the patentability of inventions and assisting in freedom to operate issues. 

As a patent agent, Stephanie has experience in conducting prior art searches, preparing brief marketing summaries of inventions and searching clinical trial databases for repurposing of drugs. Stephanie was an intern at the Cornell Weill Graduate School Center for Technology Licensing and also worked briefly as an analyst for a venture capital firm, where she conducted a strategic review of a drug discovery program.

During her graduate studies at Cornell Weill Graduate School, Stephanie focused on cell signaling using metabolomics, biochemical and cell biology techniques. In particular, she studied a vascular enzyme, endothelial nitric oxide synthase (eNOS), and the effects of eNOS subcellular localization. Additional projects during her graduate research involved analyzing embryonic tissue structure and elongation.

Prior to her doctoral work, Stephanie participated in research projects involving stem cells, neurodegenerative diseases and structure-function studies of ion channels. She is co-author of several peer-reviewed scientific articles.



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