Lizza quoted in Law360 on increase in patent complaints in NJ

Lizza quoted in Law360 on increase in patent complaints in NJ
NJ Patent Suits Jump As Pharma Companies Battle Closer To Home
March 4, 2015

Charles Lizza, Co-Chair of the firm’s Life Sciences practice, was interviewed about the recent uptick in patent complaints filed in New Jersey involving life sciences companies.  Law360 reports that such complaints more than doubled in 2014 as a result of battles between brand-name drug makers and their generic competitors, and tighter jurisdiction requirements imposed by Supreme Court decisions.

“I think we are seeing more generic companies focusing on the same drugs, so it's not unusual to have multiple generics making certifications which then result in ANDA litigation being brought,” said Charles, speaking generally.  He explained that the local patent rules govern issues such as the early disclosure of infringement and invalidity contentions in patent cases and require a party to show good cause for changing or adding to its contentions down the line.  These rules provide structure and certainty for patent cases and may make the jurisdiction more desirable. 

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