Eugene Geekie, Jr.

Eugene Geekie has successfully represented clients in a variety of complex commercial and corporate litigation matters on a national basis for more than 25 years. He also has an active practice in debt restructurings and corporate reorganizations. Eugene represents clients across industries including securities and futures/commodities, banking and asset-based lending, construction and real estate development, energy, automotive, food, transportation, and general manufacturing, with significant experience in contentious “business-divorce” cases between equity holders/partners in closely-held corporations and partnerships. He has successfully tried many cases for his clients, both bench and jury trials, in federal and state courts across the country. His thorough and well-focused litigation approach is designed to reduce litigation costs and position a client to win at trial. 

In addition to his extensive trial experience, Eugene is highly skilled in alternative dispute resolution (settlement negotiation, mediation, and arbitration) in various forums across the country. 

Clients also consider Eugene to be a go-to lawyer on restructuring, creditors’ rights, and bankruptcy matters. He has represented secured and unsecured creditors in some of the largest bankruptcies in the country. He has also represented debtors in Chapter 11 proceedings, as well as court-appointed examiners, receivers, trustees and creditors’ committees, providing them with trusted advice and litigation counseling that maximizes financial returns for creditors.

Prior to joining the firm, Eugene was a partner in the litigation firm of Freeborn & Peters, where he chaired the Bankruptcy Litigation practice. Before joining Freeborn & Peters, he was a litigation partner for more than 20 years at the national firm of Schiff Hardin LLP.



Select representations include:

  • Represented a national snack-food manufacturer in its acquisition of a product division, successfully blocking other bidders who sought to bid in contravention of bidding requirements, with the result that the client saved in excess of $20 million in acquisition costs.
  • Represented a bank in the recovery of its collateral after the default by its borrower, a start-up technology company, and successfully defended the bank, its holding company, and its officers and directors, against several multi-million dollar lender-liability counter-claims.
  • Successfully defended the trademark licensee of a nationally recognized food brand in litigation in which the licensor sought to divest the licensee of its trademark, helping the client avoid in excess of $100 million in damages if it had lost its trademark license.
  • Represented one of the nation’s largest natural gas suppliers in litigation to recover millions of dollars in sale proceeds that were diverted by a natural gas remarketing company and its principal, uncovering a scheme to use a layer of corporations and business partners in an attempt to conceal and insulate the improperly diverted funds, resulting in a settlement that achieved a multi-million dollar recovery for the client.
  • Represented a large regional bank, as well as its officers and directors, in a class-action securities fraud case, eventually settling the litigation for a fraction of the damages sought, thereby allowing the bank to complete a merger that resulted in a significant distribution to the bank’s shareholders.
  • Successfully represented the minority partner of a real estate partnership who became embroiled in litigation when another partner seized the partnership’s assets attempted to freeze out of the minority partner, discovering in the litigation that the majority partner had secretly entered into a contract to sell the partnership assets for a multi-million dollar gain, resulting in a multi-million dollar judgment and a six-figure attorneys’ fee award in favor of Mr. Geekie’s minority partner.
  • Successfully defeated a lawsuit against a private equity firm in a breach of contract case (seeking an eight-figure damage award), after the private equity firm had signed a letter of intent to invest in a software company, but withdrew its offer after completing due diligence and finding that the software company had misrepresented its product line and asset values.
  • Recently represented one of the nation’s largest natural gas companies in litigation regarding the misappropriation of more than $30 million of sale proceeds by a natural gas remarketing company, then successfully opposing the confirmation of that company’s reorganization plan, where the plan sought to improperly benefit insiders of the bankrupt corporation at the expense of legitimate creditors.
  • Defense of a bank, the bank’s holding company, and various officers and directors, against numerous multimillion-dollar lender liability claims for alleged misconduct in the making and administration of a loan to a start-up technology company.


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