Harry D. Shapiro

Harry Shapiro's practice focuses on taxation law, tax litigation and tax-exempt financing law. He has handled matters for multinational companies, non-U.S. corporations having U.S. businesses, pass-through entities, professional associations and wealthy individuals, as well as for numerous tax-exempt organizations such as schools, hospitals and municipalities. In addition to his federal tax focus, Harry has represented numerous multi-state and Maryland corporations in Maryland income tax, sales and use tax and property tax matters.

Harry has represented Fortune 500 companies before the Maryland Tax Court, the Maryland Circuit Courts and Maryland Appellate Courts involving Maryland income and sales and use taxes. He has provided federal domestic and international tax advice to multinational companies, including a reverse reorganization acquisition of a Bermuda company, an inversion of a U.S. company to Bermuda, and the formation of Netherlands, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Iceland companies to transact business between non-U.S. and U.S. companies. Harry has also structured conservation easement arrangements, including forming supporting organizations.

Recent Transactions

  • Represented BGE in a Maryland Franchise Refund Case seeking $13 million plus interest that was finally decided by the Maryland Court of Appeals that reversed a favorable BGE decision by the Court of Special Appeals.
  • Successfully represented McCormick & Company in a Wisconsin income tax case.
  • Recovered more than $30 million in federal and state income taxes for Impath, Inc. and its subsidiaries in a U.S. Bankruptcy case.
  • Represented Robert A. Pascal in acquiring the Shehan DuPont Property, a 1,000-acre property in Bozman, Talbot County, Maryland on the Eastern Shore.
  • Provided tax advice in connection with the acquisition of Community Bancorp, a Pennsylvania Banking entity by FNB.
  • Currently representing, Nordstrom, ConAgra, Deluxe Corporation, Comfort Systems and Staples, Inc., among other corporations, in Maryland income tax cases, and Travelocity in a Maryland sales tax case.
  • Successfully represented EarthData companies in three Maryland sales tax cases.

Prior to law school graduation, Harry was selected under the Attorney General's Honor Law Graduate Program and served as a trial and appellate attorney in the Tax Division of the U.S. Department of Justice (1964-1970).

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